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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I had already paid for the specific service directly on the Partner’s website and then found your Cashback website. Can I get a cashback for that booking/purchase?
    • Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a cashback for this booking/purchase. Bookings/purchases should only be made using the relevant link found on https://dinerscashbacks.it. We are unable to proceed with your cashback request if the booking/purchase is not made using this specific link. This is an ongoing offer on the website https://dinerscashbacks.it. Next time you book/purchase a service, please use this link to be eligible for a Cashback.

  • Are the prices mentioned on the Partner’s websites and https://dinerscashbacks.it the same?
    • Yes, the prices are the same. Moreover, when booking/purchasing through https://dinerscashbacks.it you will be eligible for a cashback, to be credited onto your Diners Club Card.

  • Can I register a card of another payment system instead of Diners Club?
    • No, this platform was created for Diners Club cardholders only. You cannot register a card of another payment system to receive a cashback.

  • Can I receive my Cashback if I do not indicate the details of my Card in my Profile?
    • No, you can not. Your Cashback will be only credited to the Card that was indicated in your Profile.

  • Can I receive a cashback if I made a reservation/purchase directly on the Partner´s website?
    • No. The cashback can only be paid for bookings/purchases made via the https://dinerscashbacks.it link.

  • Can I make my booking/purchase to receive a cashback without prior registration on the Platform?
    • Yes, you can. But in order to get your Cashback you will have to register on the Platform and give all the necessary information.

  • How long will it take to receive my cashback?
    • The Сashback will be paid into your Diners Club Card mentioned during the registration process within the specific time frame indicated in the Service Provider Terms and Conditions.

  • How many bookings/purchases can I register to receive my cashback?
    • There is no limit. As long as you follow the rules and Terms of Services you can register as many bookings/purchases as you wish, provided that the bookings/purchases are made using the following link: https://dinerscashbacks.it.

  • Whom should I contact if I want to change or cancel my booking/purchase?
    • You should manage your booking/purchase using the tools provided directly by the partner for all partners instead of Expedia Hotels. Should there be a need to change or cancel your Expedia Hotels booking, please, contact Okcashback Support Team.

  • Who will charge my card in case of reservation/purchase via the link on https://dinerscashbacks.it?
    • Your card will be charged directly by the partner. If you made a booking with Booking.com – your card will be charged by Hotel or Booking.com depending on the fare you chose. If you made a booking of Expedia Hotels – your card will be charged by Expedia. Smartline GmbH neither charges your card, nor collects and keeps the data from the card used for payment on the partner's website.

  • If I forgot my password, what should I do?
    • Please click on the "Log in" button, then select the option "Forgot your password?". Enter the email address you used to create your dinerscashbacks.it account (make sure your details are correct). Check your mailbox as we will send you a link to reset your password.

  • Can I change my login details?
    • Your login details cannot be changed. Please contact our Customer support team if you forgot your login details.

  • I already paid for my purchase/finalized the chosen service. Why didn’t I receive my cashback yet?
    • The Cashback is paid within the specific time frame indicated in the Service Provider Terms and Conditions.

  • What happens if I made a mistake with my Card number during its registration on the Platform or if I want to change it?
    • You are fully responsible for the data provided during the registration process. In case of incorrect data entered you should re-enter the correct Card number in your Profile on www.dinerscashbacks.it.

      If you entered the incorrect Diners Club card number and you haven’t corrected it in your Profile, you cannot claim your cashback to the owner of the website.

  • Where can I see the history of my Cashbacks?
    • Please log into your personal account at https://dinerscashbacks.it, and visit “History of my Cashbacks” page. There, you can track the history and check the status of your cashback.

  • Where can I see the history of my payouts?
    • Please log into your personal account at https://dinerscashbacks.it, and visit the “My Payouts” page. There, you can track the history and check the status of your cashback.

  • I made a reservation/purchase using the link https://dinerscashbacks.it, and paid for my booking/purchase but I was unable to use the service or I had to cancel my purchase. Will I be able to get a Cashback for this booking/purchase anyway?
    • Unfortunately, no. Cashback is only paid for successfully completed bookings/purchases.

  • Do I have to enter my Diners Club Card details every time I make the purchase/reservation at the www.dinerscashbacks.it?
    • No, you don’t. One time is enough.

  • How to request a payout?
    • 1. Log in to your personal account;

      2. Click on Menu at the top right corner of the site;

      3. Select “Payout”;

      4. On the “Payout” page, enter your card details (or save the card for further reference) and the current password to your personal account.

      5. Submit the payout form.

      Your cashback will be credited to your card within 5 business days after the payout has been requested.

      During the first payout, you will be required to confirm your phone number (as the main customer identifier) via WhatsApp chatbot.

  • What are the cashback withdrawal limits?
    • The minimum amount for cashback withdrawal is EUR 5. There is no maximum amount for cashback withdrawal.

  • Why can't I withdraw the cashback to the card?
    • Because you have not reached the minimum amount for cashback withdrawal at 5 EUR.

      You entered the wrong credit card details.

      Your credit card has expired.

  • When I try to withdraw cashback, I am asked for a password, which I do not have. Where can I get it?
    • You need to log out of your personal account and use the password recovery form, then go through the password recovery procedure. Finally you will receive a password for your personal account and for cashback withdrawal requests.