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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before I found your Cashback website I had already booked a hotel through Can I get a cashback with that booking?
    • Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a cashback for this booking. Bookings should only be made using the following link . We are unable to see your reservation and provide you with the 5% cashback if the booking is not make using this specific link. This is an ongoing offer on . Please book a hotel using this link for your next hotel stay.

  • Are the prices on the website and the Cashback website the same?
    • Yes, the prices are the same. When booking through you will be eligible for a 5% cashback credited onto your Diners Club Card.

  • Can I register a card of another payment system instead of Diners Club?
    • No, this platform was created for Diners Club cardholders only. You cannot register a card of another payment system to receive a cashback.

  • Can I receive cashback if I made reservation directly at
    • No. The cashback can only be paid for bookings made via the link.

  • Can I book my room first via the weblink and then register in order to get the cashback?
    • Yes, you can. As long as your reservation was made using the link you can then register for the 5% cashback using the 10 digit booking reference code received from at the time of the hotel booking.

  • Can I register my booking to receive a cashback without prior registration at the platform?
    • No, you have to be a registered user to receive your cashback. The process is very simple and take a few minutes.

  • How long will it take to receive the cashback?
    • The 5% cashback will be paid onto your Diners Club Card indicated during the registration process within 60 (sixty) calendar days from check-out date if you registered your booking before the check out date.

      If you registered booking after the check out date Cashback will be be paid onto your Diners Club Card indicated during the registration process within 60 (sixty) days after the registration date.

  • How many bookings can I register to receive the 5% cashback?
    • There is no limit. As long as you follow the rules and Terms of Services you can register as many bookings as you wish, provided that the bookings are made using the following link:

  • Whom should I contact if I want to change or cancel my booking?
    • You can manage your booking anytime online using the tools provided by If you have any question regarding your reservation, please contact the customer support service.

  • Who will charge my Diners Club card in case of reservation via the link on
    • Your card will be charged by the Hotel or depending on the fare you chose. ClubMiles sp. z o.o. does not charge you and does not save or collect your Card details.

  • What should I do if I forgot my password?
    • Please click on the "Log in" button, then select the option "Forgot your password?". Enter your email address registered at If the entered data is correct, we will send you the link for your password recovery.

  • Can I change my login?
    • Your login can not be changed. Please contact our Customer support team if you forgot your login.

  • I already checked out from the hotel and paid for the stay. Why didn’t I receive the 5% cashback yet?
    • The 5% Cashback is credited once you have registered your booking and within 60 days from your check out date.

  • Where can I find a registration form for my cashback?
    • Please visit the website, then click on the “GET 5% CASHBACK” button. You will be redirected to the cashback registration form. Please enter your Diners Club card number where you want the cashback to be paid to. Also please enter the booking reservation number which you received in your booking confirmation from Finally, please also enter the check out date for that specific booking. After clicking on the “SUBMIT” button you will receive an email registration confirmation for your cashback.

  • What do you mean by ‘The Booking Number’ in the Cashback form?
    • It is a 10 digit confirmation number that you will received from in their confirmation email of your reservation.

  • What happens if I made a mistake in my Card number during the reservation registration?
    • You are fully responsible for the data provided during the cashback registration process. In case of incorrect data entered you should contact Customer Support Services at

      1) If the Diners Club card number was typed incorrectly and no notification was sent to Customer support before check out date no cashback claim can be made to the owner of the website.

      2) If the Diners Club card number was typed incorrectly and notification was sent to Customer support before the check out date – Customer support shall cancel your previous registration (status wrong card number) and you should re-register your booking once again but with the correct Diners Club Card data.

  • What should I do if I made a typing mistake in the confirmation number or check out date?
    • If only partly correct data was entered, please, fill in the form one more time.

  • Where can I see the history of my registered Cashback reservations?
    • Please log into your personal account at, and visit “my Cashbacks” page. There you can track the history and check the status of your cashbacks.

  • I made a reservation at using the link at, paid for my booking but finally I was unable to stay at the hotel. According to the cancellation policy the amount paid will not be refunded. Will I be able to get a Cashback for this booking anyway?
    • Unfortunately not. Cashback is only paid for successfully completed bookings stays.

  • Do I have to enter my Diners Club Card data every time I register for a Cashback at the website?
    • Yes, you do.