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The owner of the website is Smartline GmbH (the company is based in 21/9a Wipplinger street, 1010, Vienna, Austria, 406982d, ATU68443115). These Regulations constitute the basis of the usage of and define the rights and obligations of its Users.


The person registered and enrolled into the Cashback programme through the website shall be deemed to have been familiarized with and agreed with the terms and conditions and processing of their personal data.


The Participation in the Program is free of charge and open only to individual persons, legal entities are not allowed to participate in the Program.


Only individuals aged 18 or older who have a valid Diners Club Card are eligible to receive the cashback.



The framework of the Terms of Services are as per the following definitions: 

Website - is a website which can be accessed via the following link:

Platform - means the website on which the Service is made available, owned, controlled, managed, maintained and/or hosted at

Customer (Cardholder/User) – a person who is 18 years or over and legally uses the platform, with their Diners Club Card.  

Reservation - reservation of the room at the hotel made by the Customer.  

Card - Diners Club Card, issued by banks all over the world.  

Hotel - provider of accommodation (e.g. hotel, motel, apartment, bed & breakfast) available for reservation on the Platform.  

Qualified booking - the reservation of the hotel made by a Customer accessing the reservation system only via the Cashback Website, which corresponds to all requirements defined and described in clause 4 of these Terms of Services. 

Cashback - is a rebate credited to the Customer for making hotel reservations using the link and paying for the hotel using their Diners Club card.  

Registration - means Cardholder adhering to the following procedure:

  • Completing the Registration Form on the Website in order to create a personal account and receiving the Cashback with the previous consent with Terms of Services and Processing of User' Personal Data.

Personal Account – an account created on the platform located on the official Website.



3.1. To receive a Cashback, the Customers are required to create a personal account through the Website registration process.

3.2. Only an individual who gave their prior consent to the processing of personal data and has agreed with Terms of Services during the Registration process can be the registered Customer of the website and receive the Cashback.

3.3. The owner of the website reserves the right not to pay the cashback in case of intentional serious violation of these Regulations.

3.4. These Terms of Service constitute the only existing agreement between the owner of the Website and the Customer. Acceptance of the Terms of Services means that the User accepts these terms voluntarily, absolutely and fully.

3.5. User agrees with the provision of 4. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF GETTING THE CASHBACK

The owner of the Website will credit 5% Cashback to the Customer for reservation bookings that qualify to the Card indicated by the Customer in the Cashback form in accordance with the terms described in clauses 4.1 to- 4.9 below.

4.1. Reservations must be made through the link in order to be eligible and receive the Cashback. Such reservations are defined as Qualified reservations.

4.2 Reservations made directly through the website ( will not be eligible for any Cashback.

4.3. The User is required to create a Personal account through the Website, give their consent to the processing of their Personal data and Terms of Services of the website and register every completed reservation using the Cashback form in order to receive the Cashback.

4.4. The Cashback will not be paid if the reservation was canceled or in the case of Cardholder no-show, even if the Cardholder is charged by the Hotel or as per the cancellation policy applied to the reservation by the Hotel.

4.5. If transactions are confirmed by at its sole discretion, the Cashback will be credited to the Card account that was indicated by the Customer in the Cashback form within 60 days from your check-out date or within 60 days from registering your valid booking on the Website if the registration took place after your check-out date.

4.6. The Cashback amount is based on the booking value only and does not include other charges such as taxes, services, room service, restaurant bill, mini bar, spa charges, etc.

4.7. This promotion is available and applicable only to Diners Club International Cardholders.

4.8. The amount of the Cashback is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products and services.



Customer Support is ensured by the owner of the Website via the e-mail A response shall be provided within 72 hours from receipt of the email request (excl. Suturday and Sunday).



6.1. By booking hotel reservations using the link at the Website, the Customer agrees with its Terms of Services.

6.2. Violation of the rules which are constituted by the Terms of Services shall result in rejection of the Cashback.

6.3. If the Cashback was not credited to the Customer because of the reason depending on the Customer the owner of the Website will not be liable for it.

6.4. The owner of the Website reserves the right to attract third parties to ensure services under this Terms of Service to be provided to the Customer.

6.5. Smartline GmbH (the owner of the website) reserves the right to change in whole or in part the Terms of Services at any time.

6.6. The qualifying and participating Cardholders are bound by the Terms and conditions of and Terms of Services of Smartline GmbH. Other terms and conditions could be applied.